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Welcome to the Vitrearum's Medieval Art blog, I'm glad you found your way here.  I started this blog back in 2008.   I have blogged here in fits and starts, fits when life has got busy, starts when life is less so.  Initially the blog was a means of making sense and ordering the thousands of images I was amassing on Flickr images.  A way of sharing the wonderful examples of medieval art and architecture I have had the privilege to see and to photograph across the country.  It is still that, but it has also become a way of sharing my passions, the things that I'm thinking about, the things that fascinate me intellectually and the things that attract me aesthetically and emotionally.  As you will see these are primarily from the Middle Ages, but also from the Gothic Revival, they are things general, but also things obscure.   In many respects this blog is my personal stream of consciousness, a place where I can think aloud.  A place where I formulate ideas and concepts, a place of exploration, a work in progress, not a finished project.  The blog and the ideas I share on it and the ideas others share with me, feed into my more serious academic work and I hope they feed others too. I do hope you enjoy it and if you enjoy it you will share it.



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