Advent Blue II

AdventBlue 012, originally uploaded by sarumsleuth.

I couldn't resist posting some of SarumSleuth's photos of the glorious Advent blue high mass set at Primrose Hill in London. St Mary's, Primrose Hill is Percy Dearmer's church and the flagship of the 'English Use'. The vestments were probably made in the first years of the twentieth century during the early years of Dearmer's incumbency. The vestments are made of stamped silk velvet with no orphreys,offset with a lining of Sarum red linen. Very sumptuous they are too. BTW does anybody know where I can get dark blue stamped velvet?


Anonymous said…
It may be that I'm just used to unusually crisp vestments, but these look a bit... frumpy. I do like the color though and the fabric itself is quite lovely.
Anonymous said…
Stamped velvets are difficult to find except for pale "decorator" colors.
Allan Barton said…
Evan, the photos do not do them justice, in reality they are extremely striking and crisp. It doesn't help that the priest can't get himself dressed properly! His stole is crooked.

Davis, I thought as much. We are so very limited with the range of textiles available at the moment.

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