Happy Christmas

Hambleden, Buckinghamshire

May I wish all readers of
Medieval Ecclesiastical Art
a very blessed Christmass.

Allan Barton

Noster cetus psallat letus
Voce simul consona,
Jesu Christi gloriosa
Recolens natalicia.
Qui de celis condescendens
In virginis uterum
In eadem carna sumpta
Visitavit seculum.
Felix puer, cuius mater
Incorrupta parere
Et post partum virgo manens
Meruit existere.
Hic est enim, germen ade
Qui venit redimere.
Et ac celi sede mundo
Corruit reducere.
Ad ipsius ergo laude
Omnis nostra concio
Exultanto regi regum
Benedicat Domino.

Let our congregation sing
With consonant voices
Jesus Christ's glorious
Day of birth.
Descending from heaven
Into a Virgin's womb
Taking flesh in her
He visited this world.
Happy child, whose mother
Having incorruptibly given birth
And afterwards remained a virgin
Was thought worthy of this.
For he is the Son of God
Who came to redeem the world
He came down to return the world
To its heavenly home.
Therefore to his praise
Let our entire congregation
Exult the King of Kings
Bless the Lord.


Peter Mullins said…
Happy New Year. I've posted today at petermullins.blogspot.com an investiagtion into a mediaeval painting on a Font up the road from you in Grimsby (and down the road from Gordon Plumb in Barton)and hope that you (and he?) might be able to begin to shed light on the mystery.

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